Irazú/Turrialba in the rain


view_lindavistarestWith this gorgeous, dry summer we are having, a few friends and I went to Irazú to ride to the Turrialba volcano, hoping to get clear skies and great views.


We were socked in with clouds and hit cold rain. Hahaha!

Here is a video shot by Yamil’s girlfriend, Angie. You can see the flora of the area. VIDEO


We had a nice time anyhow.

Turrialba is known for its cheese.

We went over to the Angostura lake which was created by a dam. I enjoyed seeing all the orange Poró trees in bloom.





Rain or shine, I love riding in Costa Rica! Such an awesome country!

Some day, I will have to spontaneously ride over to the Turrialba volcano when the skies are totally clear!

January 20, 2019


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