A “Here, there, everywhere day.” (Corralillos again)

Thursday (Jan. 24th) was one of those “nix-this-plan-and-start-another” kind of day! I will spare you the details. I went in many directions. (And, by the way, I thought I had already posted this post. :-))

View to Turrialba volcano from the Irazú volcano was clear, but the road to Turrialba was not.
Fog below, so I nixed my plans to go to Turrialba and headed West.
View point coming down from Irazú volcano.

I am pretty much done with riding up to the Irazú volcano for a while! Too much already! Hahaha!

I took 228 from  El Tejar through Quebradilla and Corralillos.  I had forgotten what a great ride that is.

I love the views on Rt 228 – El Tejar>Corralillo. Gorgeous!


Route 228 is truly worth the effort to go through there. My photos do not do it justice.

I got a phone call with bad news on the way, so had to come home rather than go to Route 209 to Ciudad Colon. The last few months have hit me with difficulties, but I have faith that “This too shall pass” and that miracles and blessings wait around the corner!

Tomorrow I ride with Honda Red Riders. 🙂



Song: Here, there, and everywhere. 


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