Friendship month (Lake Arenal)

Valentine’s Day is Friendship Day in Costa Rica. Looks like I will have several rides with groups this month.


Yesterday, Grupo Moto Amigos rode around Arenal Lake, going to Cañas/Tilaran in Guanacaste, around the lake to La Fortuna, and home via Route 702. It was a 13 hour day for me.

Here is a hot biker chick (on the right! Hahaha!). She had the whole get up, including high heel boots! (In my next life!) She was riding a BMW 1200. I can’t even imagine!


The winds were fierce in the Tilaran area. Wowsa! I felt like Speed Racer.



The lake was beautiful, due to the blue skies.



This is one of the best rides in Costa Rica, though perhaps it might be wiser to spend the night in La Fortuna.


And, of course, the Arenal Volcano is always majestic and impressive!



And, yes, I love the cows in Costa Rica. So serene! I think the only place I haven’t seen them is in the Los Santos area, where they mostly grow coffee. Miles and miles of coffee.


Friendship. Who’d a thought I’d be riding with motorcycle groups at the age of 57?! 🙂

I must admit, however, that for me to keep up with these big bikes on my 250 is a bit of a strain. I wonder if I can find a group that rides smaller bikes. This may be more appropriate to me, my bike, and, yes, my age. We shall see. In any case, it’s OK for me to go beyond my comfort zone. Stretching, growing…living life to the fullest!


Song: Born to be wild. (Of course!)

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the beauty, know the love, live the power.



Date of ride: Feb 3, 2019




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