Hot and dry at Guacalillo and Bajamar Beaches


Today I went to Guacalillo and Bajamar beaches, hoping to see Red Macaws. I did not, but I had a lovely time anyhow. I was so happy! 🙂


I went in through the Guacalillo road and came out through the Bajamar road.  Both roads are mainly gravel, with some paved parts. There is presently a lot of small rock loose gravel, as they are scraping and leveling the road.


Yes, it was hot and dry, and, yes, I roasted inside all my protective gear, but I am used to it by now. 🙂

Guacalillo Lagoon

I was happy to see that someone had planted beach almond trees in Guacalillo and was even watering them. Also, I think coconut trees have been planted, as they had plastic bottles tied to them. This probably because this is a biological corridor for macaws.

Young beach almond trees at Guacalillo beach.


Rainbow bus on left

The downhill road between Guacalillo and Bajamar has been scraped and is easy to ride now.

Road Scraped. Bajamar below (lagoon on right).
Bajamar road
Cabins made from containers. No thanks! 🙂
Bajamar Lagoon
Mini-super Bajamar on Calle Loros now has tables and chairs. Sadly, my Fresca was warm. 

Mango tree leaves stay green even in the driest of times!

Mango trees on left

On the way home I detoured to Balsa and Chucás to check out the hydro-electric dam and its lake. As I have said over and over again, I love going to new places.

Lake created by hydro-electric project at Chucás.


Yeah! Feel the beauty. Know the love. 🙂

I love going where the weather suits my clothes! (Song: Everybody’s Talking.)

Wednesday, February 6, 2019.



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