The South Caribbean

I usually go to the South Caribbean (Puerto Viejo) in my car, to take my dog Pepper, and in case it rains. But yesterday I went on Storm! to go pay my property taxes at the Municipality.  I had lots of fun and will go more often on my bike.


The road is nicely paved all the way to Manzanillo, but I took a detour on the way home from the Municipality, on Patiño road, and it reminded me of how the road used to be when I first went to live there, 33 years ago.


I took no photos of town or anything, just a few on my way home.

Route 36

The road from Limón to Puerto Viejo is mostly lined with palms.

Estero Negro, which I would love to canoe some day.

I love the views crossing over the bridges.

View behind me as the sun rose this morning.
Turrialba volcano in the distance

It was a beautiful, clear day. I enjoyed seeing the Turrialba volcano on my left coming back on Route 32 and the back side of Barva Volcano on my right once I started up.

back side of Barva on the right. Impressive.

Most definitely, the best way to go to the South Caribbean is on a motorcycle to bypass traffic jams. There is a lot of road work going on as they widen the highway.


On a motorcycle, you can ride to the front and then be on the road all alone the rest of the trip home. 🙂

I enjoyed my quick, over-night trip and Storm’s speed and power, which is not much, but much better than what I had. Loved it!



February 14, 2019


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