Just you and me, simple and free. (South Caribbean again.)

Yes, I had to go back to the South Caribbean coast yesterday for a meeting of the neighbors where I own some land on Calle Paraíso.

Calle Paraiso from Punta Uva, to, yes, Paraíso.

I had to go on Rt 10 because Rt 32 was closed. Hit some fog in Cartago, then it cleared.


I explored Punta Uva beach area and Manzanillo. It’s difficult for me to see all the changes and tourists, for I lived there 33 years ago when it was still an undiscovered paradise. But, it is still gorgeous and wild.

Road along the beach, Punta Uva

I was comped at Hotel Shawanda and enjoyed its lush ambiance.




I came back today. It rained all the way from Playa Chiquita to just past the Zurqui tunnel. It was cold and foggy as well up in the mountain. Oh well.  So it goes! 🙂 I take it as it comes.

Valle de la Estrella River

They have now built an igloo at Restaurant Luna y Sol. Previously, they built a Christmas tree from soda pop bottles.



My song for Storm, my Honda Tornado 250: Just you and me, simple and free. 🙂


Rain or Shine! Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the Power.


Feb 25, 2019

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