Last day (Salinas Bay, Cuanijiquil, Papagayo, and Carrillo Beach)

Another tree in the middle of the road. 🙂 Love it!

Today is the last day of my four-night trip. I first went to Papagayo via Cuanijiquil. For the record, the road from Salinas Bay to Cuanijiquil is paved, as is the route 914 that connects the latter to Route 1. It goes through Junquillal Bay Wildlife Reserve, so it is wild, undeveloped, and hugged by interesting trees.


Early morning Junquillal Bay

All I can think of to say about Papagayo is “Luxury Resort Area.”


Heading to Samara/Carrillo, I had to stop for water, and it was at the same little store as on a previous trip. For some reason, I found it amusing.


At the moment I am resting at Sunset Hotel in Carrillo, after bargaining for a better deal with the owner. I needed a room with air-conditioning, after three nights of HOT air being blown around by the fan.



I have enjoyed riding around to new parts of Costa Rica. I would like to return to this NW area at the end of the Green season, when everything is lush and green. Must be beautiful. I did enjoy and appreciate it, however, just as it is. I have always loved bare trees and their special beauty.




April 10, 2019


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