Stir it up! (Loop to Cascajal and back via San Jeronimo)

Yes, I am back from Panama.

My sister, Eileen, me, and my 90-year old mother in Panama!

It was a gorgeous morning, so once my mother was settled in, I decided to go to Cascajal de Coronado. I wanted to track my trip on RELIVE (Rt 32 to Cascajal).

Entrance to Santa Elena from Rt 32.
Zurqui mountains.

As you know by now, this area fills me with a wonderful sense of peace and serenity.


I took my usual shortcut to Cascajal, which has a few kilometers of gravel before it turns to pavement again.


This was the worst part, but it was a small piece downhill. No big deal.
Road comes out at this intersection on Rt 216.

I think I need to investigate the parallel road (Calle Platanares) to see if it is ride-able.


I took route 216 down towards Coronado and turned right at Super La Finca which is a quicker way home. LaFinca.jpg


I also put this trip on RELIVE (Coronado a Ruta 32). I am not sure whether I like this App or not.

In any case, I enjoyed my short trip today. A short ride in the country is better than no ride in the country. 🙂

Storm! Honda XR 250 Tornado

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Beauty.

When you wake up with the doldrums, stir your day up with a ride! Song: Stir it up! 


April 24, 2019





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