News! The road into Dominical is now paved.

I mostly wanted to announce that. The road into Dominical is paved. They must be happy. Less dust.


I went for a looooong ride with Honda Red Riders yesterday, over Cerro de la Muerte to Dominical beach. It was 400 kilometers from Honda SAVA headquarters in La Uruca. A ten-hour trip for me, mostly because I skipped out on lunch with my buddies from Moto Amigos, who joined Red Riders for the trip.

A few Moto Amigos, missing two in the photo (Dave and Humberto).

It was a big group, over 30 motorcycles.


Filling up at Santa Barbara gas station, I realized that being from New Jersey and Costa Rica, both of which are full service, I have never pumped my own gas. Not sure I even know how! Hahaha!


Anyhow, this weekend I will ride Storm to Manual Antonio for a 12 Step Convention there. Looking forward to some fun with my fellows and to the beauty of that area. (And the monkeys!)

Finally, I have come up with a name for my XL 200: Mustang Sally! Riding her today I realized how much I like putting my flat feet on the ground! (Storm is still tall for me at times, especially stopping while going downhill!).

Song! Mustang Sally!





Date of ride: April 28, 2019.

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