7 Ks on Calle Cerro Fresco (Hermosa to Bijagual)

This Thursday morning I head over to  Playa Hermosa via Route 137 (Puriscal/Orotina) for breakfast. I took several detours on my way.

My mountain is the one on the right in the far distance. From Calle Poró.
View from Calle Poró, off route 137.


Nearing Playa Hermosa.

From Playa Hermosa, I thought I would ride to Bijagual on Calle Cerro Fresco.



The road at first is smooth dirt. Easy. I would not, however, want to ride it in the rain, as it has some steep parts that can get quite slick.

Jacó below, heading up.
Playa Hermosa on right, heading up.

The road then turned to rutty gravel with some up and down hills. Nearing the bottom of one, I stopped to speak to an old man. He said the road got worse up ahead, quite steep and rocky. He thought it was best if I turned around because it was such a solitary road. On a Sunday (when cyclists are around) or with company, I would have continued. But today, I thought it best to not risk it. Sadly, I headed back down. But, I am glad I got to see what I got to see. Great views up there! Lovely wild road.

Here is the Relive video, which I am finding are not quite good because of the quality of the photos. But, it gives you a sense of the terrain: Playa Hermosa/Bijagual

Route 27 was delicious! No traffic.

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the power!

Storm! My Honda XR 250 Tornado.

Date: Thursday, May 23, 2019

I went a bit further, but this is what Relive captured.


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