“El Peñon” (the Bluff) of Guacalillo Beach.

I could not bear another day without one of my longer, solitary rides on Storm! Riding my Honda XL 200 was enjoyable because it is easy — I can put both feet on the ground, and she is easy to handle. But Storm! has more POWER! Despite being only 250 cc. Hahaha! Pretty funny considering the larger bikes most of my friends ride.

Laguna de Bajamar

So, this morning I headed down to Bajamar beach, then Guacalillo beach, to rest in the quiet of the seaside and collect a few small detail pieces for my driftwood collages, which I have started making again (See SuzannelNoel.com.)

Calle Loros to Bajamar
Bajamar beach. But there is lots of plastic there. 🙂

FYI, a new entrance to the bluff (peñon) has been scraped, and the old entrances have been blocked off by rocks.


View to left from the bluff
Road out to Rt 34



I went in the Bajamar way (Rt 27 and Calle Loros)  and came out the Guacalillo road (Rt 34).


I had a great time going, while there, and coming back full speed! I LOVE it when I’ve got the power = zero stress. Mission accomplished! It was DELICIOUS.

Song: I’ve got the power.

Storm! Honda XR 250

Riding in Costa Rica: Feel the Love. Know the Love. LIVE THE POWER!

May 16, 2019

The Above was Thursday. Today is Sunday, May 19th, and I went to Guacalillo AGAIN to go with my friend Humberto Chacon and his friends.






He’s giving me a hug so that we get more likes on facebook! Hahaha!


I had a lot of fun and was very happy and at peace. I enjoyed the roads in and out of Guacalillo even though I had just been there.

We did get caught in heavy downpours on the way home, but no matter. Most of the day was perfect.

All is well.





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