Carpe diem! (Bajos del Toro to Zarcero.)

Yes! Seize the day! It’s been raining so much that today I simply had to go for a ride into the blue skies of Costa Rica! I had not slept well last night because I was sick with digestive issues, but I could not pass up on the gorgeous weather.

Blue skies! Poás volcano as I headed over to Vara Blanca.

I headed out to Vara Blanca and down to Bajos del Toro. And from there, I went to Zarcero.

Río Gata on the way to Bajos del Toro has blue water, though you can’t see it well here.


The road from Bajos del Toro to Zarcero is rough the first two kilometers because it is getting washed away. But after that it is paved all the way up, with hairpin curves.

Bajos del Toro, way below.


The last kilometers before Zarcero are quite picturesque, this section smelling like cabbage! Hahaha!

I enjoyed the ride because there were few cars on the road today. I still have a headache from not sleeping, but it was definitely worth it. Seize the day!



Song: Take it to the limit.

Sunday, June 2, 2019.

You can see more photos of Bajos del Toro by doing a search for it on this blog.

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