Route 162 to Coyote — #2 of 3.

I decided to take a new route to Punta Coyote, route 162. I have already taken three others: the route through Hojancha/Carrillo, which winds around up and down and has some lovely ocean views; the one from Nandayure which as some steep curves on gravel, but is wild and wonderful; and the usual one from Jicaral.


Initially, the route began going uphill, which worried me because I don’t have my off-road tires at the moment. But I was fine.

Going up.
What goes up, must come down. 🙂


In several places sign say “Dangerous curves,” but I thought they were OK.


Smallest of three creeks.

Then, much to my surprise, I came upon a river! Who’d a thought?! Hahaha! On the map, this looks like the major route to Jicaral. Guess one should not trust maps. 🙂 I had no choice but to cross it, of course! I was glad it was not raining.


I enjoyed this route, even though, clearly, it is one to take in the summer, not the rainy season.



After dropping off my bag at the hotel in Punta Coyote, I went to Playa Caletas. My next post is of both of these beaches (Coyote and Caletas).





I love these tires on asphalt, and they worked great on gravel!














Song: Amoreena! 


Riding in Costa Rica: FEEL the beauty! Know the love!

Date of ride: August 8, 2019


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