Route 601 — Let the magic begin! (#1 of 3)

I decided to go to Punta Coyote again, taking a detour on my way to the La Amistad Bridge (Route 601), as well as a new route I have never taken there (Route 162).

Breakfast in Caldera.

I will post three separate posts to cover all the wonderful details.

Route 601. Not a car or bike in sight!

Route 601 is a solitary gravel road until Colorado. Then it is paved for a way, before it turns to gravel again. Along the way, it has lovely views of the Colorado Gulf. IMG_20190808_081507


Felix Franco and I came upon this bridge in the other direction when we went to the Costa de Pájaros. I was surprised to see it and was happy to cross it.


Yeah. Lovely views of the Golfo Colorado. What a pleasant surprise!



The last part is gravel again. What a joy it is to ride new routes in beautiful Costa Rica!

CaptureThis was only the beginning of a spectacular trip! (To be continued.)

I love my life!


Date of ride: August 8, 2019


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