Taking the long way home again! (San Ramon>Vara Blanca)

Today, I went with my friend Olman to Honda Motors in San Ramon to put some sliders I had ordered on Storm!


Olman went to the clinic, and I took the long way home — Route 702 to Ciudad Quesada, first. There is a new National Highway #35 that is four lanes that goes straight to Ciudad Quesada, but I am not sure from where — way before Florencia.





Route 702 has lovely views, as you can see, and I was happy to see White Ginger flowers growing all along it.

I then went home via Vara Blanca>Carrizal on Route 126, through the La Paz Waterfall Gardens. Quite a mystic route!

Route 126. I usually stop for this shot! Love it.
I had good weather most of the way, but after San Miguel I did have to put my rain gear on.

It was an easy, fast trip home. Love the freedom of having a motorcycle in Costa Rica!


Song: Bobby Mc Gee.


Wednesday, August 20, 2019.

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