The Road to Monteverde is now paved.

Four of us went up to Monteverde yesterday to check out the new paved road.


The winds were so strong that when we stopped along the way, I felt as if I was going to be knocked over — and as if I might not be able to pull back out onto the road. Patricio and his wife decided to turn around. I decided to continue, and, fortunately, Humberto decided to follow me. Hahaha! I must admit at times the winds were quite stressful, to say the least.


We made it up and toured a bit of Monteverde and Santa Teresa, but did not linger. Only went to check out a hotel for his friends Rodolfo and Sylvia. (True story! :-))

The ride down was much more enjoyable, with spectacular ocean and mountain views! Plus the winds seemed to be more behind us.

HumbertoWe stopped by Rest. Pajaritos above Puntarenas for a snack. The green paint is something else! Hahaha! Delicious patacones (fried green plantain).Puntarenas

It was incredibly HOT on the way home, with waves of heat flowing across the road.

It was a short, but fun ride. Since the views are so nice coming down from Monteverde, I think a good ride would be to go to the Arenal Lake from San Ramon, to TilarĂ¡n, and go up to Monteverde from there.

To close the day, I enjoyed a full moon rising over the valley below from my new, wonderful home! Life is good!




Date of ride: March 8, 2020

Song: Like a heat wave. Of course!!



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  1. There are limited travel options as far as getting up to Monteverde, the one you choose will depend on your budget, time-frame and the type of traveler you are. Of course, one of the most talked about subjects in Monteverde is the road conditions, We are happy to report that every year they improve more and more! The road is now completely paved from the Pan-American Highway all the way to Guacimal (Guacimal is about a minutes drive from Monteverde and this is still a dirt road). In January 2013 there are plans to pave the rest of the road from Guacimal to Santa Elena.


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