What a difference a day makes. (San Jeronimo de Esparza)

Yesterday I was depressed. Couldn’t shake it. I suppose there will be days like that during this lockdown, when we can’t see and hug friends and loved ones.  So, I decided I would take a ride today, Tuesday.


I headed to Palmares first, then through San Ramon, heading to Puntarenas. But, when I saw the sign for San Jeronimo de Esparza, I decided to go right and head on over to the bridge that separates the decent road form the rocky, gravel road to Piedades Sur, on Route 742.IMG_20200512_080903IMG_20200512_082939


742 still has sandy, fine gravel on it.
Yes, my wild side was temtped to return to San Ramón, but it would be too risky during a work day. Plus I had not had breakfast and was hungry!


Puntarenas was deserted, of course. Tuesday during Coronavirus. And, finally, I had a late breaksfast in Caldera.

Yep. What a difference a day makes! Today, my thought was “A heart full of beauty is a heart full of love.” Hahaha! That’s cause I am a w-o-m-a-n.

Feel the beauty. Know the Love. Live the Power.


Song: What a difference a day makes! 

Tuesday, May 12, 2020


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