Left Turns (Turrucares>San Antonio>Tulín)

Yesterday I had a lot of fun accidentally taking roads I did not intend to take! Hahaha! I do love it when that happens, as long as I don’t get myself in trouble.


I headed over to Turrucares, planning to take Route 136 to Puriscal. However, at Piedras Negras, I accidentally went left onto route 316, when the correct road was to the right.



I was thinking, “Hmmm. I wonder why there is so much gravel.” Hahaha! I was on the wrong road, heading towards San Antonio de Puriscal rather than to Puriscal center.



The views were fantastic, and my new TriMax tires did fine on the gravel. How fun!!! I was so happy to make it through without problem.


Despite knowing that I should stay on paved roads rather than solitary, gravel roads during this lockdown period, I decided to take another left turn at Puriscal and head down the much-loved Route 239! No matter how often I take it, I love the views and the peace of it.


My adventure continued as I headed over to Tulín bridge and then took another wrong left turn! Hahaha! I ended up going past Tulín center. It wasn’t till I hit a Y in the road that I realized I was totally lost. And having fun.


No big deal. Nice to see new roads. I headed back, asked for directions, and was once again on my way to the coastal highway, loving this newly-paved road to Montelimar and beyond. Gorgeous!!


The last stop of my trip was Los Sueños, my final left turn. Everything was closed.


I felt so full of life, energy, happiness, and POWER on this trip. Living alone during the coronavirus lockdown is doable because of my new home, which has beautiful views. But it still gets old sometimes. Riding sets me right again, as I


Song: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone. 


Date of ride, Thursday, May 7, 2020. I love my life!!

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