Meet Sahara! My Honda CB 500X

On August 3rd, 2020, I went to buy my new Honda 500 XA…SAHARA!!! This was my 22-year anniversary in Recovery. (And the start of recovery with love addiction! Hahaha! Here is my Facebook post on the root cause of this dis-ease.)  WOW!!! What a gift to myself and to my life journey!

August 3, 2020

After signing the papers, on the way home, I decided to ride down to Los Sueños in Herradura to celebrate!! The Hook Up was closed, but I found La Lanterna restaurant and was pleased with both the food and the atmosphere. Yum!


The next day, my dear friend and teacher, Felix Franco, Clever Rider Instructor, also affectionately known as Sensei, gifted me with a ride to Honda to go pick her up and ride her home!! I am so touched by his generous act of kindness, taking time out of his day to do this for me. May the universe shower him with love and blessings!


I was going to have Honda deliver Sahara to my house. But Felix had suggested it was better to ride her home. He was so right!! Riding her home was a historic moment in my life. Hahaha! I am so touched that he also made the effort of taking photos of my ride home (well, some of it)! Que manera!! Que amigo mas amigo!!



Filling her up.
Heading home on Highway 27. Felt like being in a spaceship.

Rather than go straight home, I decided to go to La Casita del Cafe for a snack. 🙂





I am so moved by Felix’s act of friendship that tears are welling up!

I can’t wait to go on many adventures with my new companion. 🙂

Felix, jokingly pointing to the gear indicator for Los Rejuntados. Private joke.

I love my motorcycle family: Los Rejuntados and my motorcycles!!! La Honda Tropical, Storm!, and SAHARA.  Of course, my XL won’t stay long, but there is no hurry to get rid of her, especially not now with the driving restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic.


Song: You belong among the wild flowers…you belong somewhere you feel free. 



Date of purchase, August 3, 2020. Date of bringing her home, August 4, 2020.

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  1. It is a pleasure to help. In a way, is nice to see others achieving goals that may even be shared, that´s a good source of positive energy.

    So yes, I connect with my students goals . . . can´t avoid it.

    Be free, spread your wings (Sahara, Honda Tropical and Storm are so) and feel that air below, live the fear and use it as an impulse to go higher, further, smoother.

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