Breathtaking beauty! (Turrialba Volcano)

Route 230 from Pacayas to Turrialba and Route 10 from Turrialba to Siquirres are two of the most breathtaking roades of Costa Rica — though it is impossible to actually decide which are best, since there are so many roads with amazing, beautiful vistas.

On the way. Mirador near Pacayas.
Breakfast at El Sapito Restuarant to say hello to my friend Margarita.
Thrilling to see the volcano from Santa Teresa without cloud covering.
View from Turrialtico Restaurant
Volcano from Turrialtico Restaurant
View of Turrialba Volcano heading down to Santa Cruz (behind me).
Amazing views of the volcano on Route 10, from Turrialba to Siquirres. Magic!!
Reventazón Dam as seen from Route 10
Towards end of Route 10

Yes. If you want to fill yourself up with beauty and peace, head on over to Turrialba and Siquirres via these two routes. If the weather is clear, you will love this ride!


Date of Ride: Thursday, Sept. 10, 2020
Song: You fill up my senses.

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