September in the South Caribbean: Calm beauty.

On Wednesday, September 16, I headed down to the South Caribbean coast. It is a must do during September or October, when the seas are glassy and it does not rain. Lush, tropical beauty all around!! Splendid!

Often there is road work on route 32 down to the Caribbean coast.
Breakfast at Rest. Primo on route 32, where they have delicious fried cheese! Hahaha!
I had to stop for some cool water in Beverly.
But I took it to the beach to drink it and take a break.
Rest stop to drink my water.
I was so sad to see my tenant’s (Caribe Shuttle) buses parked at the gas station in Hone Creek.
Bungalow at La Costa de Papito, in Cocles.

I stayed at my favorite place on the South Caribbean, La Costa de Papito. Here is a video of Toucans creeking in the afternoon. (Click on it again to open it more for best results.)

Such a delight to drop off my bags and head on down to Punta Uva,
one of my favorite beaches in Costa Rica.
Punta Uva from the South Side.
And, yes, of course I had some “Rice and Beans” (cooked in cocounut milk) with stewed Caribbean chicken for lunch, though it was hard to fina a restaurant that was open.
Workers from Bread and Chocolate — where I had breakfast the next day —
admiring Sahara. 🙂 She was quite happy!

I had fun going to different beaches on Thursday (Playa Chiquita and Manzanillo, among others). I felt so serene and grateful to live in Costa Rica. And yes, I ride with my bathing suit, AND with boots and knee and elbow protectors. Hahaha!

Yes, just being in the Caribbean coast in September is a delight. One need do nothing there but rest into the beauty of it all, while falling into ones heart.

Coming home. Rio Banano bridge on far left.


Dates: Wed. 16th to Friday the 17th of September, 2020.
Song: Puerto Viejo by Luis Angel Castro, which will sometimes make me cry.

My friends went the following week, but I did not go with them to go help out a friend in Fraijanes. A video producer went with them, Diego Cervantez. As soon as his video is out, I will share it here. Why not?

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