Plans A, B, and C (Routes 742 and 756)

San Ramon

Since I went to San Ramon to pick up some magazines from a friend, hoping to make collage art work one of these days, I decided to go to route 742, at least half way.

Fortunately, Comidas Rapidas Pepe was open in Piedades Sur for breakfast.
I like interacting with people when I am on the road.
It meets my need for social connection.
The views on Route 742 are amazing!!

Heading down, when I hit a part of the road that was mostly wet clay, I paused. One of the Municipality workers that was there asked me if I wanted him to take it down. I said yes. 🙂 Win/win. He felt good helping a damsel in distress, and I felt good to not have felt any distress! Hahaha!

Notice the tire full of clay. Dejavu!

(My two falls on wet clay during our trip to Ruta Quetzal has made me shy about it. I probably could have gotten through, however, especially since it was not uphill.)

Route 742 is mostly hard-packed gravel, with some paved sections. Some parts have more rocks and ruts, but it is quite doable.

This is where I hope I don’t run into any jaguars. Hahaha!
Storm was delighted to be riding full power in her habitat!!
At Carrera Buena I had to decide whether to continue or turn around.
Given how it had been when I went with my friends, with loose big rocks and steep curves, I decided to turn around (even though I had done this road alone the first ti me I went).

I enjoyed the trip back just as much!

The clay part was fixed when I returned.

I then went over to Los Angeles, to Restaurant Mi Rancho, to freshen up, thinking I would cross over a gravel road to go up to route 703 and El Mirador Restaurant. But the clouds in the distance looked full of rain, so I decided to head on over to route 1 instead.

Route 756

On Route 1, I decided to take Route 756 to San Rafael de Esparza. It was a short, scenic trip. The road is paved with some parts washed out.

Yeah. What I like about riding alone is being able to go from Plan A to C if needed! 🙂 Going with my own flow!!


Date of ride: Thursday, October 8, 2020

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