Fresh beauty! (San Rafael de Vara Blanca)

My friends Bernard, Deivid, and Edwin met on Route 32, cruce San Isidro, to ride over to Restaurant Poas for breakfast via the upper roads of Heredia.

Yep. Getting wrinkled!! 🙂
Fun to ride in my old neighborhood of Montecillos

We hit a landslide coming down from Montecillos to San Jose de la Montaña so had to turn around, go back, and take another longer road down. October rains in Costa Rica are the most heavy.

My friend Alvaro took this photo. It was later.
We must have come up to the landslide when it had just ocurred.

At Poás Restaurant we ran into Humberto Chacón, and soon Alvaro Perez showed up as well. So we ended up having a nice little group!

Humberto Chacón

After breakfast, we headed down to San Miguel to loop around Sarapiqui and back to route 32. But the road was blocked by protesters, so, once again, we had to turn around and go back. For some reason, I had tons of fun riding this road, back and forth!! It’s such a stunning route!! Full of curves, awesome views, and waterfalls.

Just another hairpin curve!

On our way back we took a detour into San Rafael de Vara Blanca. Lovely views! Quaint little town and area. Here is a video.

Alvaro Perez and I

There were hundreds upon hundreds of bicyclists on the road. Every Sunday there are more and more, on all roads. Perhaps because of driving restrictions, people are fulfilling their need to get out by buying bicycles and…getting out! Good for them. Healthy fun. But it does make riding a bit more risky, as they are everywhere, and thus decreases our own motorcycle-riding fun and increases our stress. Oh well. Good thing I ride during the week as well.

Below is a video of one of the curves heading to (and back from) San Rafael. It took us all by surprise going down: an unexpectedly sharp right turn! Hahaha. And, of course, the cyclists are in the video. Most appropriate!! 🙂 Thanks to Deivid for this.


Yeah. I had tons of fun on this trip. I have been wanting to take the group to San Rafael for a while. (The little store that sells yogurt was closed, however.)

On the way home, Bernard led me down some interesting new roads, and we ended up at Santa Gertrudis to head on over to Grecia, then Atenas, where we had some great cheeseburgers at Rest. Park Place. Highly recommended! The guys are super friendly as well.


Sahara, my gorgeous Honda CB 500X. Love her!!!

Date of ride: Sunday, October 4, 2020
Song: GROOVIN’ on a Sunday afternoon.

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  1. Que buena vuelta.
    Yo creo que los ví subiendo de Barva hacia Vara blanca.
    Yo venia bajando del Poás Rumbo a Barva a eso de las 8am y me pareció ver tu moto al frente del grupo.


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