Green Road! (Tulín)

On Saturday, October 17, 2020, I took a solitary ride to Puriscal, then down to the river Tulín, and on to the coastal highway. This is a lovely, fun green road. 🙂 (The description for those roads that are hugged by lots of wildness!)

Route 707 is now paved all the way from Guacimo to San Pablo de Turrubares. Lovely!
Breakfast at Doña Emilce at Grifo Alto
Route 239 from Puriscal is easy gravel and has amazing views.
I have lots of posts on this route if you want to do a search for it on this blog.

On my way out of Puriscal, I realized I should have filled up my gas tank before heading out. However, knowing Costa Rica, my intuition told me someone would be selling gas around La Gloria. I was correct!!! I found a woman who was selling it out of her home. Love it!

When I road by this, I thought, “I bet they sell gas there.” A few kilometers later, I stopped and asked, and yes, they did. I returned. 🙂
The gas station near La Gloria
Tulín river below.
Tulín Bridge
Who doesn’t love riding in this kind of green freshness?
The road from Tulín to the Coastal Highway is perfect. Much of it is now paved.
Lunch at Vista Hermosa Restaurant
View from Vista Hermosa Restaurant

Yeah! Fun roads are fun roads and no matter how many times one rides them, they are still fun! 🙂


Date of Ride: Saturday, October 17, 2020.
Song: Let’s Do It Again.

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