Wild thing, you make my heart sing! (Tarrazu to Coastal Highway)

The first ride of 2020 for the Rejuntados Off Road was from San Lorenzo de Tarrazu to the coastal highway, on January 3rd. I was delighted that the first ride after weekend driving restrictions were lifted was this same super FUN route — on Sunday, October 18th, 2020!

A few friends of Dave Mejia invited him on this ride, and I tagged along. 🙂
Storm once again among the grad beauties!! Hahaha!
View from Kiosko la Union
I was so happy to ride with Dave, Roger, and Javier again, my Rejuntado friends!

Every time I ride this road I want to return alone to take my time taking photos. The views are gorgeous. It is another wild, green road. Simply breathtaking. Though one cannot enjoy the views too much while keeping ones eyes on the road ahead!

Dave discussing with Roger how to come down this curve.

I lost my friends in the palm fields. Hahaha! I was waiting at a spot for them to return so that I could film them, but they never returned. Oops!! When I went to look for them, I could not trace my way back to where I last saw them. Fortunately, we had already set the place for lunch, so I just rode there…and found them!

Lunch at Restaurant Don Toro in Esterillos. Nice ambiance by the beach. Cool breeze.

Yeah. This route from San Lorenzo de Tarrazu to the coastal highway is lots of fun. It is not steep. It has some curves, but nothing out of this world. I would not, however, want to do that one steep, clay curve in the rain! I hope to return this summer for some photos, either alone or with someone who does not mind stopping several times to take in the beauty.

Here are some videos I took of the guys:

Video #1.
Video #2. And yes, there were lots of cyclists on the road.
Dave Mejia on first part of route.

I look forward to more photos and videos from Dave’s friends, who brought drones with them. Cool!!


Date of Ride: Sunday, October 18, 2020
Song: Fun, fun, fun

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