Weekday Off-Road Group (Adventure to the max!)

My friend Althaf created a small group of riders to take short off-road trips during the week. This week I have been on TOP of the world four times! So exiciting and fun!

On Monday, December 21st, while Jupiter and Saturn were aligning in the skies, welcoming the Age of Aquarious, I met Althaf and Andres at Kennedy tire-changing place, and we went to Aserrí, Caragral, Acosta (via Calle Azulillos).

Thanks to Althaf for this image.
Thanks to Andrés for this photo.

The views were stunning!

Calle Azulillos is so interesting! One rides on mostly easy gravel, with some parts that are a bit more challenging due to curves and rocks, under shaded tree tunnels, and, again, with amazing views.

Unfortunately I had been feeling a bit insecure for a few weeks due to physical issues mostly — and to two falls that were not serious, yet seemed to have affected my self confidence. Thus, I rode a bit slower than usual. I am grateful for the patience my friends have to wait for me to catch up! 🙂

On top of the world #1!!! Grateful to Althaf for sharing this route with Andrés and me!

Robert met us at Acosta, where we had lunch. He and I then rode together and he took me to another new route, from Quitirrisí de Mora to San Bosquo (more or less).

This route is up and down, relatively steep, with some loose gravel and sand. As he said: Rollercoaster!! Due to my insecurity, I was doing the prohibited death grip! Hahaha! But I survived myself and made it! Once again, amazing views!!! If I had not been in a hurry to get home, I would have stopped to take more photos. Out of this world!

Photo by Robert from a previous ride.

What a day! I just loved being on top of the world twice, riding on my favorite kind of road…not alone, but with my new Off-Road riding buddies! Yay!! Life is not just good, but amazing!


Storm! Honda XR 250 Tornado, doing what she loves!

Date of ride: December 21, 2020
Song: Rollercoaster!!

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