Top of the world number three and number four! (Bebedero, Salitral, Eólicas)

Ignacio, Andrés, Althaf, and Robert. Off-Road Team!!

On Wednesday, December 23rd, my new (beloved! Hahaha) Off Road Riding group and I set out to go to Laguna de Hule. In Poasito we hit cold rain, so stopped at Freddo Fresas for breakfast.

The miracle of Robert actually eating breakfast! Hahaha!

We decided not to keep going into the northern zone because of the rain and headed across the valley to Escazú. Riding during the week is quite enjoyable because there is little traffic. I was back to feeling confident and relaxed riding, with my physical pains reduced.

Living the Pura Vida life with my Off Road friends!

We went to Bebedero to come out at Salitral and had a few minor misshaps on the way. All part of our riding fun!

Althaf trying to get a grip on loose gravel.
Team work!
Robert coming up.
Top of the world # 3

Part of this trip was challenging, with steep downhill curves. I slid out on one curve, going a bit too fast, and it was a good thing, for otherwise I might have crashed right into Andrés who had slid out right around the curve.

Andrés beautiful KTM 1290 resting for a while. 🙂
Coming out of the curve.
With Robert, helping him lift his bike which he chose to lay down because it was too difficult to leave it standing.
We all made it out OK.

Then, we went to the windmills of Santa Ana, to which I had never been. I had been shy to go because people said it was very steep with lots of curves, but it was, as Robert might say, “A piece of cake!). I loved the ride up and the views. Yeah. On top of the world again!

Some of the photos in the slideshow below are Robert’s.

I am so grateful to have group with whom I can ride on gravel roads. It has and will continue to open up new, wonderful worlds. Riding with a group, I feel safe, for whatever happens, I am not alone. We are there for each other. ONE LOVE!

Date of ride: Wednesday, December 23, 2020.
Song: Stand by Me.


Thanks to Andres for this Rever image

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