Finding my lost Mojo. (Escobal to Barroeta and Bajamar)

Yes. I lost my Mojo. It happens. For a few weeks I have been feeling insecure on my motorcycles — not quite in my power nor in calm control. Oh well. It is due to a combination of physical and mental factors. I have spoken to other riders and have happily discovered I am not alone in this. It happens! I am human! Hahaha. Fortunately, yesterday, I started getting it back.

Waiting for Althaf in Escobal

I am grateful to my friend Althaf, who was willing to join me on a ride up to Barroeta from Escobal. This is a ride I have wanted to do for a while, but not alone, because I was told it was rocky. And, yes, it was rocky. I am glad I did it with company.

It is a short ride of about three kilometers or so. Only one hairpin curve that I recall. Up in Barroeta there are lovely, wide views of the South East mountains and coastline. Gorgeous!! And peaceful.

After breakfast at Casita del Cafe, we headed over to my house so that I could lend my Tornado to Althaf for him to feel it out. Seeing him on it was hilarious because his bike is a GS 1200!

We then went our separate ways, and I headed over to Bajamar.

From Orotina I took Route 757 (which I like) to a gravel shortcut onto Route 27.

Short cut to Route 27

I then took Calle Loros to Bajamar. This road is a combination of asphalt and dry dirt.

The best part was seeing all the Wood Storks at the Bajamar lake. What a treat! However, there were no Red Macaws as usual because the Beach Almond trees were without fruit.

View of Bajamar and lake from small hill heading over to Guacalillo.
Lovely ocean view heading to Guacalillo.

I enjoyed a ridiculously sweet, root beer ice scraping “Raspado” at Guacalillo beach, which is just what I needed on this dry, hot morning: cold sugar! Hahaha! Lovely to see several groups of pelicans fly overhead.

I took Calle Loros back again because I wanted to go to Orotina via La Ceiba. This road has a lot of small loose gravel. I like it because of its solitariness.

I enjoyed myself a lot! And finally felt my Mojo coming back! Yay. A few more days or weeks, and hopefully I will be OK again. Just need to get some physical conditions cleared.


My friend Robert would be upset that I allowed the electric pole to be in the photo. Hahaha! Usually I avoid such ugly things.

Date of Ride: Sunday, January 10th, 2020.

We are back to driving restrictions in Costa Rica. Even plates can drive on Saturdays, odd plates on Sundays.

I am adding a few photos here from a ride I took with my friends Humberto and Chanto on Saturday, to Vara Blanca to Zarcero, then down to Esparza and back to my house for coffee. Sahara has her new SEXY Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires. I hope I get comfortable with them soon. She feels like she ways a ton and it is hard for me to curve! Hahaha. One ride at a time!

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