Peaceful, easy feeling. (Tulín, Costanera, Bijagual)

I wanted to practice riding with my new Motoz Tractionator Adventure (75/25) tires on gravel before I take a trip around the Nicoya peninsula with a friend. I figured an easy route would be to Tulín then to Bijagual, which would also involve taking uphill sharp turns on the way from Jaco to Bijagual. So on Tuesday, January 12, my friend Robert and I did this ride. We both enjoyed ourselves to the max!!

After breakfast at Soda Pura Vida, we headed to La Gloria and over to the Tulín River. The road to Tulín has been scraped. It is smooth and makes for easy riding.

View from La Gloria

The Tulín river was low and we had fun riding on it. It would be a good place to go practice riding on loose, rocky soil. I was glad to see that Sahara had no trouble. 🙂

The road from Tulín to the coastal highway is lovely. Scraped and paved. It runs along the river and is quite picturesque. It passes through the quaint little town of Montelimar with its red, sheet-iron church (photo of church by Robert).

After stopping for painfully cold drinks (LOL) at Hermosa beach, we headed up to Bijagual from Jacó.

The road up to Bijagual has some challenging curves. It was the only part of the trip that raised our adrenaline a bit. Hahaha! Again, I was happy to have made it up without incident with Sahara. It was obvious to me that the best way to ride her with these tires on these kinds of roads is standing up. This brings more control and ease. Sitting does not work.

Motorcyclist going up that little dirt road.
Robert and Robert

When we stopped at the top to take photos, we met Robert, a Dutch man who is selling his property there and who does boat tours to Playa Tortuga (See I hope I can organize a day trip with riding friends to the island that ends at Tiko Restaurant (coming down from Bijagual, picture coming up).

Robert’s lovely home with a fantastic ocean view.

This is the view of Carara National Park as seen from Tiko Restaurant on the way from Bijagual. This road is all paved. The restaurant no longer requires reservations. I hope to see the sunset from there some day!

It was a relaxed and enjoyable ride for me. It’s nice to take ones time riding sometimes — enjoy the views and company, stop for photos, and, well, fully experience that peaceful, easy feeling that comes with riding.


Date of ride: Tuesday, Jan 12, 2020
Song: Peaceful, easy feeling.

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