Spectacular weekend! (Puerto Jimenez and Drake Bake)

On the weekend of January 22 to the 24th, a group of us went to Puerto Jimenez for the weekend.

The ride through “The mountain of death” was cold and foggy, but once through this section, the weather was gorgeous.

It was such a pleasure to ride along the Terraba river again. Such beauty!

The best part of the trip was a boat trip we took to Drake Bay: three hours to get there, three hours there, and three hours to return.

Drake Bay is a lovely little coastal village. We rested in the shade on the beach and had lunch there. Yeah. Easy does it, as they say!

The making of dreadlocks. Hahaha!

On our way back, we stopped at San Josecito beach for a swim. Delightful!

The highlight of the weekend was seeing first dolphins and then a pod of four Humpback whales followed by a pod of dolphins. We slowed (and stopped) the boat and spent about 20 minutes with them. It was spectacular!!

We closed the ride with lunch at Los Sueños Marina. Delicious!!

What was most amusing was that Evelyn nicknamed me “The Captain,” which is what my young friend Rodolfo calls me. I like this because it reminds me to be the captain of my life! 🙂 May it be so!!


Date of ride: Jan. 22 to 24, 2021

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