Adventure around the Nicoya Peninsula

Led by our guide, Luis from GoRideCR, five of us headed out to ride the Nicoya Peninsula on Saturday, January 16th.

We had intended to ride up the coast first, but we missed the 7 am ferry to Paquera. Hahaha! Thus, we headed up Highway 1 for breakfast at Caballo Blanco restaurant. Fortunately, the group was willing to detour, so we visited Playa Blanca in Punta Morales then reconnected to Highway 1, passing through the Morales Gulf and Colorado Gulf on route 601, making the ride more interesting than straight highway. Yay!!

At the ferry in Puntarenas
At Playa Blanca

Because of lost time waiting for a non-existent 8 a.m. ferry (Hahaha!), we decided not to do what is known as The Monkey Trail and turned in toward the coast at Santa Cruz.

I was so happy to visit roads (route 16) I have not been on for at least 10 years. Yes, it was a dust bath, but so lovely!


We made it to our hotel near Camaronal beach. I was grateful that I had had not trouble making it up those rutted and occasionally-rocky roads on Sahara…in the dark. Her new Tractionator Adventrue tires were great!

After visiting Camaronal beach, we headed out for the best part of our journey!!

The view of Punta Islita from above.

Yeah. First river crossing and I dumped Sahara. 😦 The dash display is not working. Oh well. Lesson learned: wait for the guys to walk beside you while crossing rivers. (I did not know that, and just rode right in following Luis and Jose. Hahaha! :-)) Worst: Eugenie and Alex passed along an edge that was less than knee high, so getting water in the dash could have been avoided. 😦 Oh well. All part of the adventure. As my friend, Robert says, “No risk, no fun!” It was indeed great fun.

One of the best parts of the trip was riding on Playa Manzanillo and the little road out of there towards Santa Teresa. MAGIC!!!

Anyhow, I had a fantastic time with my new friends, Eugenie, Jose, Alex, and Luis. Though we only did 75% of the usual “Ride around the Peninsula,” we covered enough ground to make it a true riding adventure. Costa Rica is THE BEST PLACE to ride! It is so beautiful, with so many varying terrains. Can’t wait to do this ride again! Without falling into rivers!!

Thanks to Luis for guiding us and to everyone for the photos. Special thanks to Eugenie for inviting me!


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