Looping Turrialba and visiting Peralta

I had a wonderful Sunday, thanks to my friend Fabricio, who guided my friend Alex and I on new routes in the Turriabla area.

Heading out to the Turrialtico in the cold, wet fog of Cartago and route 230, I was happy to spot a Mexican restaurant when I stopped to put on my rain gear. Yay! Hope to visit it some day. (And, boy was I glad to come out of that cold to the clearer skies of Turrialba, though the air was still fresh.)

I met my friends at the Turrialtico Lodge restaurant. I love the views up there and the home made tortilla with cheese that they serve with their gallo pinto.

Sitting at the Turrialtico, overlooking the Angostura lake, Fabricio said we could go across to his house to see the views from over there. So, we headed over to Florencia and then the road known as “Ruta entre San Juanes,” going from San Juan Sur to San Juan Norte. The road was muddy, but it was not slippery mud. It was a lot of fun! From the viewpoint up there we looked across the lake to the mountains where we had been not long before.

At Fabricio’s house he showed us his little KC 70 he has for his two-year old daughter, for the future! Cute! A little Storm! Hahaha. He has a Tilapia pond. This is how I ended up in Costa Rica. I came here as a Fisheries Extensionist to teach people how to grow tilapia. Not that I remember anything of that training! Hahaha.

We then headed out to route 415. I love this time of year in the Turrialba area because of all the blooming Poró trees. Lovely! From there, Fabricio took us on another gravel road to the Peralta River and to Peralta town. Again, so much fun! And so picturesque…all of it.

Right turn on Route 415 to head to Peralta

I loved this route!!

After checking out the river, he took us to a walking bridge used by the oil company to check on its tubes.

May this be a metaphor for me, walking across to new patterns of engaging with the world, as I say goodbye to the old.
Peralta town

We then headed to Santa Teresita on Route 415 and said our goodbyes a the park there. What a special treat it is to have a friend in an area that can act as a guide. Special! I am so grateful that Fabricio gave us his time.

Alex and I continued on Route 415. In La Alegría we had lunch at an elegant restaurant. Delicious!! We decided to do this trip again next week, when we are to return with our friends Eugenie and Jose to spend the night in some cabins in La Alegría. I look forward to doing it again on Sahara!


Date of ride: Sunday, January 31, 2021. Great way to end the first month of 2021.
Song: I can see clearly now, the rain is gone.

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