The Colors of Summer in Costa Rica

Route 707 from Guacimo to Escobal

I love summer in Costa Rica! Mostly the light. It is gorgeous. Also, the aromas of trees in blossom, especially the Zota Caballo trees along rivers. Delicious! The pastel colors in the dry parts of the country feel so sweet and calming to me, for some reason. And beautiful and interesting trees! Either leafless or in full bloom, with bright pinks, yellows, dessert rose, purple, and bright orange — they are part of the views of riding in Costa Rica. Lovely. And the cicadas, so pulsingly loud on wild roads. And the breezes! And, and, and!

Zaragoza Church.

In this post I simply share a few photos of a recent trip through Palmares and Zaragoza up to El Mirador Restaurant in Naranjo. I took it to practice wearing the GS Pro (Frankenstein) boots I bought a month or so ago. I can hardly shift in them, and wonder if maybe I should not keep them. The combination of a big bike, gnarly tires, and these boots makes me feel a bit awkward and incompetent on Sahara. Hahaha! Though I suppose I will eventually get used to them.

On the way to Palmares
On the way to Palmares

It is quite amazing how one can traverse from dry, hot country to absolute fog in such a short time. Riding along the 703 ridge from San Ramon to Naranjo, I could not see more than a few meters in front of me. Blinding fog, that’s what it was. At the Mirador Restaurant, it seemed to clear a bit.

Fog parting at Mirador Restaurant

Here are also some photos of a detour I took to route 707 on my way to the supermarket on Thursday, Feb 10. I needed to do a bit of morning meditation. 🙂

Not much to say except I wish I could capture all the beauty of summer in Costa Rica with more photos of the beautiful trees! I might add more to this post for future reference.


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