“Ride em, cowboy!” (Laguna de Hule to Bajos del Toro.)

Alex, Jose, and I spent Saturday night at Alex’s cabin in La Alegría, as I mentioned in my last post.

In the morning, we walked down to a river alongside Alex’s property. It has a natural pool where we all dipped in for some refreshing fun! The water was not too cold. What a great way to start our Sunday.

After our dip, we were all energized and ready for another exciting day.

Breakfast in La Alegría

We parted ways, and Jose and I headed towards Cinchona, with a brief detour to visit the Sarapiquí river.

The road to Laguna de Hule has a lot of loose gravel which can be challenging in parts. I was surprised to see so many houses up there, and the Mirador restaurant was quite busy. Such a beautiful lake!!

Laguna de Hule (Rubber Lake)

After lunch, we headed to Bajos del Toro. I must admit this road was quite challenging, but for some reason I was not too stressed. The gravel is made up of loose, big, different-shaped rocks, with lots of ruts. Though there were lots of curves and inclines, none of it was steep, so it was doable. Sahara with her Motoz Tractionator Adventure tires made it through! Yay!!

Jose complemented me as a “Champ” for making it through without trouble. Hahaha!

He said my little braid was bouncing along from side to side the whole time! Hahaha!

We headed up to Alto Palomo and Sarchí. Most of the views were covered by fog, until we were on our way down.

New paved road to top of the mountain.

We closed our exciting adventure with a swim in my pool. What a great day!

What a fantastic, adventurous weekend we had! I am deeply grateful to be making new friends. Having company on new roads lessens the stress and increases the fun tenfold! Can’t wait to continue this amazing journey of

Feel the beauty. Know the love. Live the Power.

Sahara: Honda CB 500X 2019

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