New Direction, new perspectives! (Going Down to Bijagual from Tulín)

As I opened my gate, I thought, “Another gorgeous summer day to…RIDE!” Hahaha! Of course!

On Sunday, March 14th, a few friends and I headed over to Jaco, then Bijagual, to ride DOWN to the Tulín river rather than UP to Bijagual from there. We all met at after the Atenas Toll booth, where Berni spotted two Red Macaws flying overhead. So cool to see them in this part of the country! Wow!

We had breakfast at the little restaurant at the Puesta del Sol gas station.

Honda CRF 250, Honda Africa Twin 1000, Honda CB 500X, Honda XR 150

We decided to head up to Bijagual from Jaco rather than take the paved road from Tárcoles. (This has a few challenging curves on it.) The views at the top are awesome!

I love this photo. It’s a symbol! 🙂 Me, going forward into my next life adventure!

From Bijagual we headed down to the Tulín river. The first few kilometers out of town on route 320, which turns into route 319, are a bit rougher than the rest, with one uphill part that is slightly challenging. No big deal though. The rest of the road is smooth. I definitely like the views much better coming down from than going up to Bijagual.

As usual, it is practically impossible to stop at the places with the best views, though I may try one day.

We got to the river and had fun riding to the least-crowded part towards the right.

Unfortunately, after my fall into a river on my trip to the peninsula, I am shy about crossing them. 😦 I only crossed at the shortest sections. Fabricio helped me by taking Sahara across.

My friend Adrian says that “Happiness is directly proportional to the amount of of rivers one crosses,” so I best get going on crossing rivers! Hahaha. My insecurities often block me from doing things that I can probably do! Oh well. No matter what, I keep going and eventually overcome my hesitations.

We headed home via beautiful route 239, stopping for lunch at Soda Pura Vida in Guarumal.

Route 239 has fantastic views, as I have said many, many times. 🙂 I may need to take an afternoon trip simply for photos. I lent Sahara to Yamil for him to try her on gravel and asphalt, and Adrian lent his Africa Twin to Fabricio. Here is a video of that.

Yes. New directions bring us new perspectives. I hope I am metaphorically heading in new directions in my life, creating new ways of relating to myself and others so that I can have new perspectives and keep living and enjoying life to the fullest.


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