Saturday in Los Santos

On Saturday, March 13, 2021, I took an easy ride over to San Carlos de Tarrazu (since I was going on an off-road ride on Sunday and wanted to save energy). This is the kind of summer when one has to avoid the Northern and Eastern parts of the country often due to cold fronts. It seems like every few days, they get clouded over. But the Southern mountains generally remain clear.

The first part of the journey on Route 2 was cold, foggy, and wet, but I expected this. Once near El Empalme, it cleared. It was a lovely day.


The whole Los Santos area is stunning, with great views of coffee-fields upon coffee fields on mountains and more mountains!

San Marcos
Past San Lorenzo on Route 303

I have wanted to come alone on this route to stop for photos, though it’s almost impossible to find a place to stop, since there are no shoulders on the road, as is common here.

Gorgeous views

For some reason, my fear of heights kicked in a bit. It is better than it used to be, but still here. Ugh. I don’t like the adrenaline. Unfortunately, my insecurity prevented me from going over to the Pirris Dam and up route 301 to La Legua and San Gabriel. I did not want to do those hairpin curves alone on Sahara. 😦 Oh well. So, I simply turned around. 🙂

On my way home, I stopped by Casita del Cafe on Route 226 for a snack. Another place with another great view.

Obligatory stop for a Milan de Menta chocolate and to rest into more beauty.
Near Frailes, a friend named Luis from GoRideCR who led the Peninsula trip, waved from his truck.
It’s such a treat to see people I know on the road. A rare event, for some baffling reason! Hahaha!
Dog at the entrance, ladies eating Olla de Carne soup.

In Quitirritzi, I stopped at the little soda El Mirador for lunch. I was feeling really weak. Seeing the ladies having Olla de Carne soup, I opted for the same thing. I rarely eat this, so I enjoyed it. 🙂 Nice view from my table (needless to say! ).

Yeah. Nice, easy ride with that sense of how beautiful Costa Rica is and how lucky I am to ride here!


Sahara! What a great investment!

PS – Since this blog is mostly for me, I share something personal. A very good motorcycle friend asked to borrow money during the pandemic. As I had a bit of money between house sale and purchase, I lent it to him. I would do it again with any good friend, con mucho gusto. I asked him in January to start paying me back little by little because I need an operation, which is scheduled for May (after summer so I can ride like a maniac! Hahaha!). In February I suspected he was not going to pay me, so I began leaving groups in which he was. A big loss of all the other people I truly care for! So sad. But I felt I needed to distance myself from him. I realized this week that he has no intention of paying me back. It infuriated me and also broke my heart. It took me all week to process this betrayal before coming to some acceptance that this money is a gift to the universe. It will circulate to people who need it. The morning of this trip to Los Santos, however, I felt really STUPID for having trusted him. This ride shifted my morning tears (which finally had come) to joy and gratitude. Riding does that! It heals our emotional wounds. That’s why I love it so much!

My friend David Mejía mentioned karma. It made me laugh that the next day I won a raffle in a women’s biker group. Hahaha! Maybe there is such a thing as instant karma! I donated the winnings back to the family who had made the raffle. They need it more than I.

What matters is that I can walk with dignity. He has to fake it. He is such a master of looking good and being adored by everyone. Since he loves to do the opposite of what one needs, perhaps reverse psychology will make him want to pay me. Having declared in a group that he is not going to pay me, perhaps he will want to prove me wrong. Doubt it though!

Another friend said to me that we should not let bad people make us feel bad for being good people. True. The shame I feel belongs to him, not to me. Today, I go on an off road ride with good friends. This is what matters: authentic friendships. Love matters, my friends! Love matters (Not toxic manipulations.) Money comes and goes but true friendships can last a lifetime. AND WE ALL SHINE ON!!

Song: Instant Karma

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