Good vibrations! (Day #2: Golfito, Zancudo, Punta Broca, Fila de Cal)

Each section of this Holy Week trip deserves its own separate post, for so much fun, intensity, and natural beauty is packed into each part of each day of our journey. But, I will try to do more slideshows, while dividing it all into different adventures.

On Friday morning, April 2nd, while Alex and Jose Alonso slept, I took a ride around Golfito to enjoy it more personally before we left. Like Limón, Golfito is full of character, with old, colorful plantation homes set below the lovely mountainside, facing the Golfo Dulce. Many of the inner roads are now paved. A charming little town.

After breakfast, we rode up to the Mirador de Golfito. This is a picturesque narrow lane that winds up the mountain to a viewpoint where you can enjoy the beauty of the gulf.

We then headed out to Zancudo via a new road for José Alonso. Miracle!

It was a route to Zancudo via Esperanza>Florida. This is a route that best not be done during the rainy season, for it is made of clay. Much of the down and uphill curvy sections had large ruts, but it was easy to ride because it was all dry. Yay!!

After the dry mud section, came lots of loose gravel on up and downhill curves.

We made it out to easy, flat roads and pavement.

After cool drinks at a small store, we continued on towards Zancudo beach where we had some ceviche in a rancho at the very end of the point. Fun spot with more than one “waiter.” The patacones (plaintain crisps) were delicious.

Despite stormy skies, we went over to Pavones Beach and Punta Banco. I had never been there before. The road area was crowded with Good Friday vacationers. It was a treat to see this part of the country. It would be fun to come stay for a few days to enjoy the surf and ride around a bit.

Mission completed! We had visited the most-Southern beaches of Costa Rica.

We went to Paso Canoas briefly, to City Mall, since everything else was closed, then headed up to Fila de Cal to our hotel. Fila de Cal is well known for its switchback curves and huge views. I wish we had stopped more for the views, but towards the end of the day, we just want to keep going without delays. Also, I wanted to make it before sunset.

About to head up to Fila de Cal.

We enjoyed a beautiful sunset, and a good dinner, before resting for the night. Another wonderful day, living life to the fullest, riding with good friends in this gorgeous country. It seems like each day was made up of several! Hahaha!


Date of Ride: Good Friday, April 2, 2021

Song: Good Vibrations.

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