Peaceful, easy feeling (Day #3, Las Mellizas)

On Saturday, April 3rd, Jose Alonso, Alex, and I left our hotel at Fila de Cal and headed up to an area known as las Mellizas, planning to go up to Las Tablas, a place to which Jose Alonso had not yet been.

Fila de Cal

Before leaving, when a friend of Jose Alonso looked at my tires and said, “With those tires you can make it,” I immediately knew I was in trouble. Hahaha!

We headed off to las Mellizas and to a small border crossing. All of this area has gorgeous views, needless to say.

The road into the border crossing was gravel with some patches of loose rocky gravel. Nice little road. It was fun to go there. Borders are opening on Monday, April 5th, 2021.

Then we headed towards las Tablas de Sabalito, Coto Brus.

The road was full of large loose gravel. A truck could barely make it up a small hill. He had to reverse back down and start over. Even so, he slid all over the place before finally being able to move on.

Going up one curve, I did what one should never do! I lost my momentum! Hahaha! And I stopped. But it turns out it was a good thing because my friends continued and said it got much worse: steeper with bigger gravel. We decided not to continue. We figured if the gravel hadn’t been dumped, we could have ridden up on the dry dirt. So it goes! Another time!

I was grateful to have Jose Alonso there to help bring my bike down. I really appreciate the help I get when I ride with friends. What a gift!

We then headed out on Route 237 from San Vito to Highway 2. This is one of the most gorgeous routes in Costa Rica, with wide views of the valley and mountains. Breathtaking! Once again, however, I did not stop for photos. Such a nice, easy, peaceful feeling, riding with good friends on a beautiful day

.On our way to Perez, we stopped by a restaurant called Rancho Centenario. Nice building, great views, but the food was not that good. We did, however, enjoy some rest time, and I was delighted to pet a horse.

After lunch and our rest, we headed to our Hotel Los Pinos in San Isidrio, taking a short detour via Route 322 I just love detours and new routes, no matter how small.

At our hotel, we had drinks, then I headed off to my room early, letting Alex and Jose Alonso meet with their friends. I was hoping to go to sleep by 7 p.m. since I had been waking up at 3 a.m. I wanted a full eight hours of sleep. Wishful thinking! Hahaha!

A soft evening sunset closed the day.


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