Feeling the beauty again!!

I was absolutely DELIGHTED to ride with good friends again yesterday, after over two and a half months without it! (Though I did “cheat,” as my friend Robert said, and took a short ride alone a few days ago. Could not delay it any longer! Hahaha.)

Althaf, Robert, Fritz and I met at Balsa to take Calle Balsilla from Chucás Dam to Picagres, then Desamparaditos de Puriscal. This road is all paved except for a small dip that is gravel. We took a new shortcut to route 137 from Desamparaditos, then another shortcut from route 707 (Guacimo) to Route 3. Though these were not particularly exciting detours, new roads always bring a sense of fresh adventure. Yay!!

Since this was my first ride in a group in such a long time, I was hungry for green beauty! I loved it! My body felt so good, and I found I could not “slow down to smell the flowers.” Hahaha! I felt I had to go fast! So we did. But not so fast to be stressful. Yeah! Mind, body, heart, and soul WIND THERAPY!

We have a new member in the Weekday Off riding group: Fritz, who bought a CB 500X, after riding and loving Sahara! More bike beauty in the group. Hahaha!

Fritz with Althaf

After breakfast at Casita del Cafe, we headed over to Tivivez beach. Still not much driftwood on the beach. We then did a little loop on route 131 near Jesus Maria just for fun! Hahaha! Why not?

We took route 715 from San Rafael de Esparza to El Cambronero (Route 1), stopped at Last Tinajitas Restaurant for drinks and a snack, then we parted ways, and I headed home via Palmares, feeling complete!

I am so grateful that I ride a motorycle in beautiful Costa Rica and that I have such amazing motorcycle-riding buddies. What a joy!


Storm, my Honda XR 250 Tornado, was in ecstasy! 🙂

Date of ride: Sunday, July 25, 2021

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