Home and back with my tribe!


I am back home from my trip to Mexico for surgery. It was great to be in Mexico again, especially because of the food! Hahaha! So delicious. Though I spent most of my time resting in bed, we did take a few trips to beautiful San Miguel de Allende, to Tepotzlan, and to Puebla. Gorgeous, interesting cities (again, with great restaurants. Wow!)

I will share some photos in a slideshow, but the main intention of this post is to celebrate my friends. Especially my motorcycle-riding friends!

The surgery was without complications, fortunately, but my body rejected the sutures, so recovery will take a bit longer. Also I had a killer suture knot which caused tissue damage, and this has not healed yet. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ Such is life. Here is a visual image of what the knot felt like. I trust it will all heal in time. All I want to do is be able to ride my motorcycle.

Killer knot. Hahaha!

Soon after my return, Julio Salazar and the International Motorcycle Community gave me my certificate for being an “Exemplary Motorcyclist.” This is surprising and hilarious!! (And somehow it just doesn’t seem appropriate for me.) Now I have to live up to that reputation. ๐Ÿ™‚ No more passing on double yellow lines! Hahaha!

The most moving thing that has ocurred since my return is being visited by so many friends!! I believe I have indeed shifted out of the “Love Hurts” childhood pattern of attachment to the new “Love LOVES” paradigm. Hahaha! I am incredibly grateful for my friends and the love and care they have shown me in actions. I appreciate them more than I can say.

My friend JoseAlonso picked me up at the airport, came to visit to play chess, and when he found out I was on a bus heading to my doctor in Clรญnica Catolica, he picked me up in San Jose to take me there then take me home. Incredible!!

Then another day, the Weekday Off group came to visit, bringing delicious treats. I was overwhelmed with happiness.

It was wonderful to spend time with Andres, Althaf, Robert, and Ignacio.
Robert with beautiful Q.

And, of course, JAS Riders Jose Alonso and Alex came twice!

We finally used the grill I had bought in 2020 before the pandemic for a BBQ with friends (which never happened due to Covid 19).

And, I finally met Robert’s friend Fritz, with whom he often takes trips. They came so that Fritz could try out Saharah. A few days later he bought his own CB 500X. ๐Ÿ™‚

Other friends have also come, but I don’t have photos. Even my lawyer came to help me with a property issue, though I wish he hadn’t so that I could have saved that money! Hahaha!

Last week, I took my RAV4 to Esterillos Este to celebrate my 36 years in Costa Rica since June is my anniversary month. It broke down on route 239 on my way to meet Robert for breakfast at Soda Pura Vida. Hahaha! He was kind enough to wait with me for an hour and half while the tow truck arrived.

Anyhow, I simply wanted to celebrate the gift of friendship! The word that pops up is diversity. How colorful to have many personalities that bring care and laughter into one’s life. Besides my motorcycles, my friends fill me with gratitude and sense of completeness. I will remember this time of recovery from surgery as a time when the universe showed me that I am loved.

All is well, my friends. All is well. (But I simply CAN”T WAIT to be back on my motorcycles, living life to the fullest!!)


Sahara’s friends from JAS Riders, la Huera Gorda y la Mula Negra. ๐Ÿ™‚

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