Spectacular! From Leon Cortez to Parrita

On Saturday, July 31 2021, Daniel Zuñiga from “Aventuras de un Motero” invited me to join him on a trip from San Francisco de Leon Cortez to Parrita. It was awesome!!!

I was thrilled to be taking Storm, my Honda XR 250 Tornado, on another great adventure. Sahara had to stay home due to Covid driving restrictions.

We first headed out to the Pirris dam vía San Lorenzo de Tarrazu. Much better to go down this way and up on the other end. Fewer hairpin, steep curves! 😂

We then went over to san Francisco Leon Cortez to ride down to Parrita from there. I had done this route in 2019 with Honda Red Riders, and was nervous about it. But I was delighted to find that as I rode I was not stressed at all! Yay!! All my practice this summer has given me more confidence on these kinds of routes.

This route is steep with hairpin curves, with rocky gravel in about 15% of it. But it is well-maintained, and easily doable

The views are awesome!

What a thrill and joy it is to ride in such a beautiful landscape!

The coastline in the distance.

A truly spectacular route which I hope to do again with my Weekday Off buddies. One of the best!!

We headed home via Mastatal and route 239. I did not stop much for photos, as the day was getting long.

It was a 12.5 hour day for Alex and me. Being out of riding-shape all I could do was get in the pool and get psyched about the next day’s ride to Carrillo! 😀❤



Saturday, July 31, 2021

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