“Se rifa la Vaca Lola.” (Awesome adventure around La Potenciana.)

I have wanted to ride around La Potenciana peak in Turrubares for a long time, but never felt brave enough to explore it alone. Wise!!

Finally on Saturday September 4th, Daniel Zu√Īiga from the “Aventuras de un Motero” YouTube channel invited me to go. How exiting!

We met at Turrucares, where a man was raffling his cow, Lola. ūü§£ So sweet. But I resisted temptation.

My friend Eric guided us to San Luis and up the right side of the mountain.

The route is partly paved with concrete slabs. The rest is easy, compact gravel, except that due to a bit of rain it was wet and loose.

Some parts were a bit challenging due to it being wet. We had more than one fall, but fortunately no one was hurt.

Needless to say, the company was great.

The views were amazing throughout, and up at the top and on the way down they were absolutely stunning! (Though I didn’t get good photos.)

We stopped for drinks at San Luis where I met a man who is 75 years old and STILL riding enduro! This gives me hope that I can keep riding for 15 more years! I loved the sight of that group. So cool!!

Then we headed over to Lagunas and afterwards to Orotina for lunch. We were worn out, thirsty and hungry, and HAPPY. What a great adventure we had had.

I want to do this route again during the dry season. And, I also would do it half way around, up towards the left . To appreciate the views. Wow.

Adrenaline, fun, and spectacular vistas all packed into an hour of adventure. Good times!


Date of ride, Saturday, September 4, 2021

(Thanks to my friends for the photos of yours truly.)

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