Holy Good Adventure! Palmital via Sabana Bonita and Route 604

Today, my friends Robert, Ignacio, Fritz and I headed over to San Jerónimo de Esparza to go to Miramar via Sabana Bonita.

The road to San Jerónimo is lovely, with nice views of the mountains below San Ramón.

We took a left at the road sign for Sabana Bonita and headed toward Miramar. This road is quite challenging at first because of big rocks.


The first 500 meters are the worst, beginning at a downhill part. The rest is easy, hard-packed gravel that could get slippery during the rainy season.

We crossed several small rivers and creeks. Robert’s bike Q got stuck in a dip in the river and needed help getting out. Team work!

After Miramar, we headed up to Palmital, grateful that Oro Verde restaurant was willing to serve us breakfast though not quite open. We were hungry.

Socks for sale at the restaurant. Hilarious.

After breakfast I was delighted they were willing to go check out the route to San Buenaventura, down to La Union, and back to Tajo Alto. It was even more beautiful than I had remembered. The views were absolutely gorgeous!! Wish I had stopped more, but I didn’t want to be a nuisance.🤣

View from San Buenaventura
Easy gravel for a part of it. The rest was paved.

Down on route 1, we crossed Cuatro Cruces to head over to Chomes on route 604, but we came to a gate which we were told is only open during the week. It was lovely to ride in the cane fields. We were definitely in Central America! 🤣 I was once again surprised that the road was paved, though poorly.

We backtracked and continued to Highway 1 with one detour to the left cause I wanted to see if it came to water. We came upon a gravel company. I am always happy to explore even if it goes nowhere. 🤣

We then headed home, stopping for drinks at Sandy restaurant.

My fourth day in a row riding and never a dull moment! 😁


Sunday, November 21, 2021

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