For the group, not the route.

This morning I headed out early to enjoy a pre-ride ride. I was to meet my friend, Evelyn, and her friends in La Garita to go down the Aguacate (route 3) and up up Puriscal (route 137), both paved and curvy routes I know like the back of my hand. I ride these almost every week. Sometimes we ride to see people, not so much because of the route itself. Today was one of those days.đŸ˜€

Since I had time, I stopped to take photos of some cute little houses on the way out of Atenas on my way to Turrucares via Cebadilla (route 721).

I then did the San Miguel de Turrucares loop I enjoy so much. I always feel at peace there.

I was touched to see Tears of St. Peter. They remind me of my jewelry-making days.

Then I chose to continue on rocky route 136 towards the Automercado in La Guacima, which is hugged by live fences and cow pastures. Rather than take the usual road, I took one which ended up being the one to the off-road training track. Surprise!!

I missed the exit to La Garita ( đŸ¤£đŸ˜‚) so met my friends at Casita del Cafe.

I had not seen Eve since our trip to Puerto Jimenez in January. Lovely to see her again! Warm, funny, elegant, wise, lovable, and beautiful!

I met an elderly rider sitting at the lookout bar. Friendly guy. We clicked instantly and are going riding one of these days.

After breakfast, we rode the winding Aguacate down to San Mateo where we stopped for photos.

Our next obligatory stop was the Zulai quarry. Hot fun in the sun!

The final and also classic stop was El HiguerĂ³n restaurant for refreshments.

Nice group. Classic route. Both made better by each other!

I came home on 707, enjoying every inch of it!!

Yeah! Life is to be lived and loved!


Saturday, November 20th, 2021

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