Península 2022 Day 1- Coyote via Río Frío

My fourth Nicoya Peninsula trip was organized by my friend Roy Chang from the Honda CB 500 Club. It began with us catching the 7 a.m. ferry to Paquera and going to Coyote via Rio Frio, which was a new route for me. This post is about our first day, as brief as I can make it! 🙂 In the next two or three days, I will be posting the rest of the trip.

My friend Adrian Acuña led us to Panica river, which I had crossed once last year. It is a nice little crossing worth the short detour.

Coming out, of the litte dirt road that leads away from the river, we did not get on the highway, but crossed the road and continued on the dirt road…or should I say track? It was lots of fun. 🙂 New routes are always welcome! Yay!!

Montezuma beach

We went past Montezuma towards Mal País on the road I love so much, which goes through Cabuya. It has nice views and is generally a scenic ride.

After riding the little white dirt road next to the beach which comes after Santa Teresa, we had some refreshments while we waited for the tide to go down. Then we rode on Manzanillo beach, which is one of the most fun parts of this classic trip.

Here is a video clip of the group on the beach: Playa Manzanillo

We left the beach and continued onto cross Río Ario. I was definitely not poetry in motion, but I made it across anyhow. 🙂

Here is a video of the team on the little path that leads out from the Río Arío crossing.

Then, much to my delight, rather than cross the famous Río Bongo, Adrian Acuña led us on a new route that goes through a little village caleld Río Frío. We crossed about four little rivers before crossing the Río Bongo on a bridge.

We had a late lunch at San Francisco de Coyote, then dropped off our bags at Coyote Lodge, and headed to Costa de Oro to see the sunset, where Adrian and I had more fun riding on the beach, and my bike got stuck coming out.

Sharing the setting of the sun together was the perfect way to end our first day of our three day adventure!

Thanks to Roy Chang for organizing this trip, to Adrian Acuña for the new, delightful dirt trails, and to the whole team for being such wonderful company!


Thursday, January 27, 2022.

Wikiloc: Paquera – San Francisco de Coyote

2 thoughts on “Península 2022 Day 1- Coyote via Río Frío

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  1. New route noted! – I’ve heard Rio Frio is what people do when the river is hard to cross – Pics are great! Love the one where Sahara is posing in the sand — nice!


    1. Yeah. LOL That was Costa de Oro for the sunset. Come to think about it, I forgot a shot of her in the sunset. Will Edit. Yes, that was a fun route with lots of little river crossings. However, I imagine those rivers are high when the Bongo is high. Will ask Adrian. Pura Vida.


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