Shake, Rattle, and Roll! Day 2 Peninsula (Coyote to Tamarindo)

On Friday, January 28th, after breakfast at Coyote Lodge, we first headed out to Costa de Oro to say hello to my friend Ignacio who happened to be there for work. :-). Then we went to San Miguel beach. Adrian Acuña and I took a left to go to the estuary at the end, while the group stayed at the main beach for photos.

On our way to meet the group at the the viewpoint above Punta Islita, I mistakenly took a left (YES, AGAIN!) towards Bejuco Beach. Hahaha! I recognized it, for it was where I had dropped Storm last year and hurt my back. (LINK to post on Playa Bejuco.)

But it was, yes, fun, and Adrian led us out through a shortcut, another one of those little dirt trails we had been enjoying so much during this trip.

We made it up to the lookout. The roads at this moment are in terrible shape, full of washboard, small and large, due to all the Mack trucks in the area. Bumpy riding! The last hill up was particularly bad.

Gorgeous viewpoint above Punta Islita beach

We waited in whatever shade we could find for our friends Luis Fabian, Richard, Manuel and Adrian to join us. They had stayed to repair the shift lever of Manuel´s bike that had taken a spill on the way up.

Roy in the little available shade.
Hot sun!

We stopped at Islita center for a rest and bathroom stop at the local store. The Scarlet Macaws were not around. (There is a box nest on a tree in the park.) Seeing these photos of my friends makes me smile!

There were times when cars road by fast and the dust clouds were so bad that they were blinding. Here is a video clip of the group. Here, the dust is not bad, but maybe it helps you imagine what it can be like.

At Gaby´s request, we stopped at beautiful Carrillo beach for ¨Churchill¨ sugar bombs! These are ice scrapes with flavoured syrup, condensed milk and powdered milk. Just what we needed!

We left Carrillo beach and headed over to Samara to visit my friend Koki and his wife Hania and son Jorge (and our friend Luis was there as well). Koki grilled some sausages for us and offered us drinks. It was so nice to see him and Hania and spend some time there enjoying the atmosphere and the company.

We continued north in the dry heat. After crossing Samara river, I went to stop and hit a small tree trunk, near a hole, and down went Sahara! Hahaha! The guys fixed the right Barkbuster handguard which got bent. TEAM!

We continued along the wonderful coast! Loved it! Below we are crossing the river between Nosara and Ostional beaches. Notice the buzzard in all the photos. He did not want to budge. Hahaha!

We stopped at San Juanillo beach, where we had a late lunch, and took a stroll to see the sunset.

Sunset photo by Gaby

We rode in the dark before we separated, some to go to Marco´s house in Portegolpe and the rest of us to our hotel in Tamarindo. We had been on the road (with stops) for over 10 hours, doing what we most love to do: RIDE! TOGETHER!

Another amazing day in the beautiful North West coast of Costa Rica with good and new friends! A full day of washboard roads, blinding dust clouds, and sugar bombs!



Peninsula Day Two: Friday, January 28, 2022 Song: Shake, Rattle, and Roll

Wikiloc: Puerto Coyote – Tamarindo

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