Back on the saddle again!

Hello! It’s been a while since I posted.
Here is an update.

As you know, I fractured the tip of my thumb in three places on February 10th. On February 22, 2022, I had a horrible pin inserted in my thumb to keep it straight while the fractures healed. Ugh.

One thing that helped during my recovery was seeing friends. I had a few gatherings, friends came for surprise visits, and I also met friends at restaurants, driving there in my car. That is one of the many gifts of riding: making friends! I have met many wonderful people these last years. ONE HEART!!

Sahara did get to go on two fun rides through Turrialba with my friend Fabricio. She loved it!

I had the pin removed on St. Patrick’s day. What a relief. Then I started torturous physical therapy!

One of the most exciting moments these weeks was when my son, Jamie, got his motorcycle license, and a few of my friends took him on his first ride. What an act of care on their part! I was moved beyond words.

Jamie on Django, his Honda CB 500X 2022.

My dog Pepper, enjoyed taking trips with me in the car! 🙂 So sweet. But driving a car was difficult for me. I don’t seem to have the Zen for it anymore.

You can imagine my joy when the physical therapist said I could ride again!! Yay!!! Just the feel of the wind was already a delight to my body and soul on that first short ride to town.

The very best event was my first motorcycle ride with my son! Yay!

He did great. No problem with the difficult curve at La Paz Waterfall. I am a proud mama. I look forward to many rides with him.

And, well, I have enjoyed several rides alone, with Robert, with Robert and Cristian, and with Harold.

I am sad that I missed the best month of this gorgeous summer we are having and that the rains have already started. But I have stilled enjoyed the beauty of many flowering trees and the delicious aromas in the wind-cooled air.

Yes, I do feel a bit vulnerable and afraid of falling. This accident was different than the first two I had because it was clearly my fault. I was not paying attention to where I was. But, despite my insecurities, I am delighted to be back to doing that which fills me with such joy:


Sahara, Honda CB 500X 2019, on route 319

The irony of being afraid to fall and wanting to avoid difficult routes is that on Monday, April 11th, my friend Robert and I found ourselves riding through the wet clay track of Carara National Park, where I fell twice! Hahaha! Next post! Maybe later today or tomorrow.

April 2022.

PS – It is getting harder and harder for me to continue witht his blog. 🙂 So, I expect you will see fewer posts, mostly only of new routes.

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