It comes with the territory! (I will not be riding for a while.)

As I mentioned in my last post, ¨Happiness Overload,¨ I fell on Thursday. I broke my right thumb and one of my left ribs. I am emotionally OK with this because these kinds of risks come with the territory. Many have never had an accident while riding. I have had many falls (as you may already know! :-)). I was not surprised, though I was shocked.

Forgive me, but I will share some yucky fotos. LOL

I was really impressed with the trauma hospital of the INS in San Jose. Friendly team, relatively quick service. I showed my whatsapp photo to the nurses while one was cleaning my thumb, and they fell in love with Sahara, my Honda CB 500 XA 2019. Who wouldn’t?

I need surgery on my thumb, but they have to wait for the skin to be relatively healed so that no infection gets into the bone. I don’t have an idea of when this will be.

After waiting for four different Ubers who mysteriously declined my route a minute or two before arrival, I finally came home in one, enjoying the beautiful sunset as we headed West with the Friday traffic. It had been a long day spent in an X-ray clinic, the Atenas clinic, the Alajuela hospital, and the Trauma hospital. But I felt well taken care of. (And only wished the driver would shut up! LOL He would not stop his fast talking!) Yes, I will miss riding my motorcycle through traffic!

Here is something I posted on Facebook this morning (Saturday, February 12, 2022), with a bit added on:

¨Still thinking about what to do when motorcycle accidents happen.

Hindsight is 20/20.

One option is to take the motorcycle somewhere and leave it. Many people would not mind having a motorcycle in their yard for a day or two. Then, one of the group can take the person who is injured in back of their bike. I did not even think of this on Thursday.

I did not want to burden the group and ruin things for everybody. This is a common response when one is hurt. One feels bad about the fall and how it affects the rest of the ride.

But I was in a lot of pain and should have taken better care of myself. Self care is not my strong suit.

Also, I was thirsty and hungry so we stopped for lunch, but it took forever. Another obvious thing is to get medical care a.s.a.p. Riding for a couple of hours with a broken thumb was not only excrutiatingly painful, but probably made the injury worse.

Oh well. As I said, hindsight is 20/20.

OBVIOUSLY, it is important to do the best we can in order to keep riding. This is my main message and reason for wearing so much protective gear. If you love riding a motorcycle, wear the gear to make sure you can keep riding. Simple truth.

(A pause with the group to really check in to discover what is truly called for and safest. This would be the wisest thing to do. But in those moments, we are tired and usually choose the ¨easiest, softest way,¨ which can end up being the least helpful. So it is. Forgiveness and understanding is called for, above all else. No blame, no shame.)

In any case, I am sorry to miss some great rides that were planned for the summer, but am not depressed. One knows that riding is dangerous and that injury is a possibility and probabiity. (For some more than for others! LOL I am one of those that falls often. Though I also ride more than many and do extreme routes.)

Also common is to not have anything happen on the difficult routes, but to get distracted on the easiest, safest route! Wow. Hahaha!

Time to rest and recover.

I will be presenting a workshop to the Indigenous Focusing Oriented Therapy Complex Trauma group this week. Out of the blue this gift came to me! Yay!! I love my H.O.W. WE Heal model, and it is an honor and joy to share it.

And ths morning, I will apply the process to myself. 🙂

All will be well.¨

My primary regret is the private care and meds I paid for on Thursday and Friday morning. I should have gone directly to the local clinic. But I was tired and grimy. I just wanted to clean up and see a doctor as soon as I could. But it all ended up being a waste of money. Doctor, medicines I will not use (except the pain pills), and X-rays. Oh well. Live and learn….the hard way! 🙂 It Is OK.

In any case, who knows what gifts will come my way from all of this? Maybe I will go to Mexico or Colombia for a couple of weeks! (She grins.) Though what I really wanted to do was to go there to, yes, of course, RIDE!!!

We heal by 1) Honoring ourselves, 2) Opening what needs our attention, and 3) Welcoming what could be….TOGETHER.

1. I am grateful I am such an adventurous rider and have had fabulous times riding.

2. The actions I regret have taught me meaningful lessons. I need self understanding. Given the whole context, decisions I made make sense. I also need to keep celebrating all the love I receive!

3. I envision myself riding happily and with funny, kind, REAL people in the future! Hopefully wihtout daydreaming.LOL


I LOVE my riding buddies!!!

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