Coffee Fields Forever. (Clear skies in Los Santos.)

Wow. April and May 2022 have been soaked in October rains. The tropical deluges have started early and heavy. In Atenas, the last few mornings were shrouded in clouds. I wanted to take my son James to the Los Santos area, which has stunningly beautiful views of coffee-filled mountains…forever! Sooo! What a delight to wake up on Sunday morning to clear skies! Yay!

It was a perfect morning to ride together to celebrate our friend Fritz’s 55th birthday, take James to this part of the country, and, for me, to celebrate and enjoy Mother’s Day in the BEST way: Riding in Costa Rica with my son and good friends.

Harold had a snack at McDonald’s while we waited for him. LOL
Fritz on right. James next to me, then Harold and Robert.

We headed up cool Rt. 2 to take a right onto Rt 226 and have breakfast at the El Jardin area at Restaurante Cocina de Dorita (which has moved next door to its old location). James loved his pinto! Hahaha! Harold headed home after breakfast.

Robert suggested we go to San Lorenzo, the Pirris Dam, and then Calle Abejonal. Great idea! On such a beautiful morning, the longer we were out and about, the better! It is hard to describe the beauty of this area, with its wide mountain ranges with cute little towns along the way.

On our way, Robert had another brilliant idea: to go to the lookout point on the road that goes down to Parrita (Calle Quepos/Tarrazu).

Calle Quepos Tarrazu Lookout Point
Happy beyond words to ride with my son.
Pirris Dam as seen riding down to it.
Pirri Dam, photo by Robert

Heading over to San Francisco the awesome views continued. See the road in the photo below? How cool is that?!

On Calle Abejonal, Fritz got his birthday present! A Godman´s Montane Pitviper (Cerrophidion godmani, Toboba de Altura)

Happy to have encountered such a natural beauty, we continued through the slippery parts of Calle Abejonal onto the paved part, then stopped for a snack at Casa del Cafe in San Antonio.

Paved section of Calle Abejonal

We headed home via route 209. Curvy and also with fantastic views!

Oh the feeling!



Sunday, May 8, 2022.

Song: Feeling Good.

Thanks to Robert and Fritz for the extra photos. And James for this video of the dam.

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