Carpe diem! (Poás volcano and Calle Lomas)

On Tuesday, I woke up to another clear morning. I could see all the volcanoes, free of clouds. When I looked at my agenda, I saw I had no commitments until noon. So, yeah. You guessed it. Off I went!

I headed over to the northern mountains since they are so lush and green, and not always free of clouds.

Route 107. Heading over to Outlet Moto to say hello. But my friends were not there yet.

Calle el Higueron from Outlet Moto to Tacori has been patched a thousand times. 🙂 Then it connects to a lovely paved road that goes past Xandari Hotel, which I have not ridden on for a few years. The best was getting to Sabanillas and enjoying new views from there. I will return. I am still searching for a road I loved that my husband took me on. It may be in this area.

Views from Tacorí road.

I decided to go up the Poás road for breakfast because of the awesome views up at Restaurante Mirador. I love it when there is no one on the road but me! The gift of riding midweek.

View, Restaurante Mirador.
The waiter said, more than once, “¡Qué linda moto!” 🙂 I, of course, agreed!
Barva Volcano coming down from Poás. Heading over there!
Poás volcano behind me, nearing Vara Blanca.

On my way to Carrizal, I decided to go left onto Calle Las Lomas. Again, to enjoy the views. I did not go all the way to the end, where it turns to dirt, because turning Sahara around is more challenging for me than turning Storm, my 250 Tornado. I turned 3/4s of the way up.

It was a peaceful, fun morning. I put Waze on to head over to Guachipelin, to see where it would lead me. I am trying to get in the habit of using it more (unsuccessfully). I am continually shocked at all the slumy neighborhoods it chooses! Hahaha!

My last detour was to stop by the spot where I used to go feed donkeys bananas every Saturday when I lived in Heredia. Too cute! I was bummed I did not have bananas. Maybe I will return.

As I finish this post, one phrase comes to mind: Follow your bliss! 🙂 Joy is LIFE!

Tuesday, May 10, 2022.
Song: Let your love flow.

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